Taking a collective pause may not be the first thing you think of when you think of the activity and emotion of summer but it is exactly what helps to bring new, lasting meaning to, what is for many, a time of year that serves as a rich tapestry of experiences.

I have worked with camp leadership, staff, campers and individual groups during the summers to integrate mindfulness practice and reflection to both provide a direct link back to nature, in what is an onslaught of technological surroundings, and help manage stress and work toward sustained, healthful living. 

Campers of all ages and adults alike have found that this practice not only enriches their summer experience but also serves as a profound connection between each other and their communities. 

Mindfulness training at the right time can have quick results, too, such as working with staff and counselors during staff training week or during the mid-session "dog days" of summer when an infusion of a much needed energy renewal is welcome.

I also am proud of the collaborative nature of mindfulness with ongoing camp and summer programs such as music specialists to help locate, harness and integrate spirituality in truly meaningful ways - both in the context of Jewishly-related and secularly-related themes, alike. 

I would be honored to have the opportunity to enrich your summer experience, camping or otherwise, by integrating mindfulness to your experience, as well.

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Yours in health,


Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy &  Meditation Instruction

​​Tracey Frank Ellenbogen MSW 

Mindfulness at Camp & Retreats

“It just was more focused, kids could play nicely, counselors could breathe - it was a dramatic turnaround and word got out among camp.” - Eytan Graubart, Director URJ Harlam Day Camp

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